Confront the issue of life

How to deal with LIFE ISSUES

Human life in this world is bound to face numerous problems and issues in his life. And that is occur in society today, many can not face the problems / issues that occurred in his life so often done wrong path as a solution. As for those who could not accept the fact disconnected boyfriend or husband divorced, preferring suicide as a way out. For those who can not afford living in poverty over time, choose the path of corruption as an alternative. And for those who are too stressful encounter problems eventually become permanent residents of psychiatric hospitals.

Here I will give some suggestions how we behave in the face of any problems / issues that come alive.

Field steadfast and chest.

Every problem that comes accept it gracefully and with a stoic face. Because if we are steadfast it will not happen is called stress.

Be patient.

Any Live the problems that have occurred with a sense of patience. Because patience is the key to solving the problem. The real problem comes in human life is the way the Giver of Life to test the patience of His creature.

Calm thinking.

Irrespective of how the problems you face, see that your mind remains calm. Because with a calm mind you can only search and find the right solution for the problems you are facing.

Surrender to the Creator

In seeking a way out of a problem, do not push yourself. After completion of the way you find and you have to do. So whatever the outcome Commit to the Creator. Accept the results with sincerity. If successful, say the gratitude. But if that failed, think again another way in peace.

Abstinence Surrender

In seeking a way out of a problem solving you need passion. If one way fails and does not resolve the problem, then Think again another way better than the first way.

Besides, I also suggested that in dealing with any issues / problems in life we ​​should instill the principle in the liver:

  1. No matter that there is no way out. All the problems that there must be the solution.
  2. No problems / issues that befall humans beyond the limits of human ability itself in a fix.
  3. The problem that came to be faced and find a way out.
  4. Never run away from any problems / issues that come

Okay, maybe it’s enough yet. After this I will write again a variety of other events concerned with life and human life.

Well, in closing, consider the following, and take its meaning.

  1. Do not do suicide, because if you commit suicide is definitely a ghost haunts
  2. Do not do corruption, because corruption was symbolized by the image of rats.
  3. Do not stress too much, because the mental hospital a little room capacity.

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